Wh selfinvest france

Wh selfinvest france

About wh selfinvest birger states wh selfinvest is a reliable partner with whom i cooperate since many years. Birger schäfermeier puts two of his trading strategies, return to open and open range break-out, at our clients disposal.

The company is supervised by the commission de surveillance du secteur financier.

Wh selfinvest vitrum building, 2nd floor rue du puits romain 33 8070 luxembourg-bertrange wh selfinvest niedenau 36 60325 frankfurt deutschland wh selfinvest 13-15, rue taitbout 75009 paris france your account opening request is processed upon receipt.

Wh selfinvest only supports payment via bank wire transfer, with no option to deposit from a creditdebit card or via online payment wallets such as alipay, neteller or skrill.

Wh selfinvest is an online trading broker that was founded in 1998 and regulated in multiple jurisdictions. The broker gives users access to trade multiple financial markets, including futures, cfds, forex, and stocks, using an in-house trading platform along with other intuitive trading platforms.

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Despite the fact that most brokers do not charge a commission on accounts with fixed spreads, wh selfinvest does the opposite.

, wurde 1998 gegründet und verfügt über die börsenmaklerlizenz (nr. 1806), die durch das luxemburgische ministerium für finanzen genehmigt wurden.

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Wh selfinvest france

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