Using verizon wireless on a cruise ship

Using verizon wireless on a cruise ship

At domestic ports, youll be able to use your verizon plan as you usually would, while you can use an international plan at many international ports. The simplest of these international plans is verizon travelpass , which allows you to pay a flat daily rate to use your domestic plans talk, text and data in more than 185 countries outside the u.

  heres how to set up international data service on your verizon wireless device go to the verizon wireless international trip planner. Enter your destination or cruise ship name for example, france or harmony of the seas. Choose the verizon wireless device(s) youll be using so we can check compatibility.

  carnival has the carnival hub app that can be downloaded to your phone and uses the ships wifi. It has a feature that allows textingmessaging among the members of your group.

  i recommend you get onboard wifi if it is a reasonable price. Then when you get on the ship, put your phone in airplane mode and then turn on only wifi (and bluetooth if you need it). You should see vzw wi-fi in the upper left where verizon usually is.

I would recommend contacting the cruise line to confirm what kind of on-board internet support you can expect. I saw that wifi was mentioned as an option, so you may choose that as well. Verizon wireless also offers internet options while aboard ship and in many of your destinations.

  you might want to look international travel verizon wireless. You can talk, message, and use data on more than 400 cruise ships.

  wireless carriers offer data, messaging, and calling plans for cruise ships that are similar to on-land packages, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Data plans cost around 25 for 100mb, and text messages costs as much as 50 cents per text.

Learn more about the onboard cell phone service and how you can connect you to receive the fastest internet at sea.

The internet has become a huge part of our lives, including at sea where wi-fi is available on virtually all seagoing cruise ships (with the exception of a few barebones expedition ships).

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Using verizon wireless on a cruise ship

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