Trazy korea sim card 90 days

Trazy korea sim card 90 days

Enjoy unlimited data, voice, and sms text for a total 90 days! If you are staying in korea for a long period and want to use a sim card without the worry of using all your credits or data, then this sim card is the perfect one for you.

- you can extend the sim card for up to 90 days (including the initial 30 days). - if would like to extend for more than 90 days, you must have a valid residence card (alien registration card, arc).

90-day prepaid sim card validity 90 days credits 50,000 or 100,000 won if you charge credits before 90 days of use, you can only use the credits within the 90 days.

Korea 4glte sim card unlimited datavoicesms (330 days) - receive by postal parcel (korea only) korea 4glte sim card unlimited datavoicesms (2030 days) - pick up from within quarantine inspection area at incheon airport t1 only.

  while the eg sim card can be used up to 30 days and is rechargeable, there is a prepaid 4-g lte data sim card, which is suitable for long-term foreign visitors to korea, and you can use it up to 90 days after activation.

  note that four different plans are available, and all sim cards can be extended to be used for up to 90 days in total.

Unlimited data sim card 15102030-days stay connected 247 everywhere in korea, with this data sim card with unlimited data usage on one of koreas largest wireless operator! Simply pick up your sim card at incheongimpogimahedaegu international airport and.

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Trazy korea sim card 90 days

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