Tf2 trading bot takes to long

Tf2 trading bot takes to long

I have the same problem as well, but for one specific thing trading cards. I have tried canceling the queue and entering, but it still takes a lot of time to get even one bot to respond back. For hats, even when the api is down, it takes a few seconds to respond.

I want to sell my csgo skins for tf2 keysmetal, but whenever i try to process a trade through scrap. Tf, the site just takes a long time to process the trade offer, before eventually telling me that the trade couldnt be made due to an issue with steam.

Tf and get yourself a trading bot, takes like a minute to setup and its free.

Tf2 items bot will no longer be able to comment on your trades or your bazaar. You will also no longer see trades or forum posts made by tf2 items bot.

Cash trades are in most cases made via paypal with the buyer sending the money to the sellers account first. Upon receipt of the funds the seller then trades the tf2 items to the buyer. The paypal transfer usually being completed within a few seconds.

  finally code get your bot working for you this code needs to repeat until the conditions are met, and the order will execute. Sleep (5), it will put the script to sleep for 5 seconds, after which it will run the script again.

If your inventory is hidden in the steam settings, or an incorrect trade offer link is entered on the site, the bot will try to re-send the prize every 2-3 minutes. You must accept your winning offer from the bot within 5 minutes after the game is over.

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Tf2 trading bot takes to long

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