Skrill canada review

Skrill canada review

Well here is an actual legitimate negative review of the shady practices this company does. Tldr deposited money with a fee to skrill, they locked it to my account because i used a mastercard with no warning, not even on their terms and conditions. They have an abysmal online customer support and their support number does not exist.

  when we checked, 18 of skrills reviews on trustpilot were bad, which is trustpilots name for 1-star reviews. A lot of the bad reviews focus on customers losing money during transfers, and customers having to pay high fees to withdraw money from their accounts.

  over the last 10 years, skrill has gone on to become one of the very few online gambling banking options to be available on virtually every online casino.

4 or higher and has over 5 million downloads and over 70,00 skrill reviews. Skrill canada fulfills multiple customers needs in the modern, fast-paced environment where financial operations have to be quick and convenient.

Apparently skrill uses multiple balances for different currencies (unlike paypal). I made a deposit in us dollar, but my standard balance was set in euros. I was afraid the transaction had failed or my money was lost.

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Skrill canada review

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