Shooting star candlestick reliability

Shooting star candlestick reliability

  thus, the third candlestick in the formation must confirm the pattern and must be a dark candlestick that closes well into the body of the first candlestick. As with the evening star, the reliability of the shooting star is enhanced when the real body of the third candlestick gaps away from the real body of the star.

The shooting star candlestick is considered one of the most reliable candlestick patterns. One of the reasons for this is the unique structure a small body with a high upper candlewick.

  a shooting star is a bearish reversal chart pattern that is characterized by a long upper wick, little or nonexistent lower wick and a small body. In technical analysis, the shooting star pin bar is made up of a single candlestick. The shooting star inverted hammer is only reliable when they occur at the end of uptrends.

  the shooting star is a candlestick pattern to help traders visually see where resistance and supply is located. After an uptrend, the shooting star pattern can signal to traders that the uptrend might be over and that long positions could potentially be reduced or completely exited.

  what is shooting star candlestick? As the name implies, shooting star means to shoot a star. This candlestick is a good signal for you to open profitable down orders.

  thus, the shooting star candlestick pattern can be written in code as follows uptrend h ref (hhv (h,10),-1) shootingstar ( ( (h-l)2 (o-c)) and ( (h-c) (h-l) 0.

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Shooting star candlestick reliability

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Shooting star candlestick reliability

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