Runelite not opening

Runelite not opening

  i downloaded runelite but after the installation it opens for 1 sec and than automaticaly closes again the text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered copy link.

I always run rl like this open troubleshoot compatibility right clicking rl. Then it tells to try recommended settings then test the program.

  open the client expected behavior the application window to launch after the launcher this doesnt happen currently.

  hey guys, when i tried to open runelite it begins to open but does not surpass 0 then immediately closes. I attempted a reinstall or searching through other issues with no prevail on fixing the issue.

I tried uninstalling and redownloading, seems to have no effect.

To find logs, either open screenshot directory (if you have access to client by right-clicking camera button) and navigate 1 directory up and then open logs folder, or navigate to userprofile. Nobody is gonna be able to help you with the information provided in the screenshot.

People are saying to disable the quest helper plugin, but i cant even launch runelite to disable it.

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Runelite not opening

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