Razer sabertooth cord

Razer sabertooth cord

Last night i found my puppy chewing on my sabertooths cord and needless to say, it didnt make it. I emailed customer service to find out if they could sell me a replacement and this is what i recieved hi xxxxxxx, thank you for contacting razer support.

Sometimes in all that excitement of getting a new product, things can go a bit sideways.

The razer sabertooth elite gaming controller for xbox 360 is the supercharged successor to the award-winning razer onza. Now, it has been restructured with even more customizability and control options in an all new, rugged design that doesnt compromise comfort.

Anyone have any idea what cable a razer sabertooth uses or where to get one? Mine broke off at the attachment point after 3 months of use and razer support told me to look online for a replacement as they dont supply them, but i cant find a cable to match. The cable looks like a 4 pin din cable, like s video or something, but is a bit smaller.

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These include the detachable cord, the included carrying case, the extra shoulder buttons, and the bottom rocker switches. If you wondered why the sabertooth comes with a bit of a price premium, the back of the box provides the answer.

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Razer sabertooth cord

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