Raffles city money changer

Raffles city money changer

Saj exchange money changer services raffles city shopping centre. Saj exchange, located at the heart of the city, is an efficient way to get some cash exchanged for your overseas trip.

  located at raffles place the business centre in singapore, the arcade has a large number of good money changers, which supplies good rates for various currencies. Staff at most of the changers have good communication skills to serve smooth deals.

See and compare the rates of raffles money change pte ltd and decide whether this remittance has the best rates and the cheapest deals to send money abroad in singapore.

Clifford gems & money exchange is located at raffles city shopping centre, 252 north bridge road, tel 6336 1230, view clifford gems & money exchange location,.

Sittiq money changer is located at raffles city shopping centre, 252 north bridge road, tel 6337 6174, view sittiq money changer location, products and services on streetdirectory map menu map.

Click here to download hard copy of remittance form (pdf format) click here to view raffles money change personal data protection policy.

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Raffles city money changer

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Raffles city money changer

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Email: info@8bh.mainunit.ru
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