Pcb student career options

Pcb student career options

Students who have completed class 12th from the pcb stream have many job options too. They can choose from a range of options like lab technician, scientist, doctor etc.

  if not interested in engineering and medical field, 102 science students can go for b. (bachelor of science) program of their choice, which can be followed by masters degree (m.).

There is an umpteen number of career options for pcb students in para medical courses. The following are the courses that are generally offered to a paramedical student.

If you are a pcb student wondering medicine is the only option think again! There are more than 10,000 options available for you.

  eligibility to be nurse, a nurse course and become a nurse in india you need to pass class 12th with pcb and with at least 45 aggregate in pcb and english. Salary though the salary of a nurse is not as high as a doctor but a nurse can earn around 4-8 lakhs per annum which is pretty good compared to qualification.

  pcb students can also pursue a career in science by opting for bachelor of science (bsc) in biology, zoology, botany, physiology, environmental science, genetics, bioinformatics, physics,.

  being in science stream has its own perks, along with its share of anxieties and uncertainties. One of them is choosing your desired subjects the main factor to be taken into account while deciding them are the possible career options.

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  government jobs are the best career options for students looking for job security. Pcb career options except medical botany biology branch that deals with the study of structures of plants, growth, their structures, etc. With this degree one can work as a professor, nursery manager, taxonomist, environment consultant, etc.

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Pcb student career options

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Pcb student career options

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