Palladium price per tola in pakistan

Palladium price per tola in pakistan

  per tola palladium rate in pakistan as on tuesday 6th of april 2021 is pkr 151853, while the palladium rate for 10 grams is pkr 130327. The latest palladium prices for different cities including karachi, lahore, islamabad, peshawar, rawalpindi, quetta, and faisalabad are available below.

01 pakistani rupee and 10 tola pure palladium biscuit rate in pakistan is 1,037,804. 98 pakistani rupee and 1 sovereign palladium coin rate in pakistan is 71,181.

Per tola palladium rate in pakistan as on saturday 6th of march 2021 is aed 3262, while the palladium rate for 10 grams is aed 2800. The latest palladium prices for different cities including karachi, lahore, islamabad, peshawar, rawalpindi,.

  view todays current live palladium market prices in tola, 10g, 1 gram, ounce and per.

Check latest palladium rate in sukkur in indian rupees and pakistani rupee per gram, tola, sovereign, ounce and kilogram. Palladium bars, palladium biscuits and palladium coins prices in sukkur today.

Palladium is a white metal, which has a silver-grey-white color and is similar to platinum.

  today, the palladium price per gram in durban is zar 1,226. 75, todays palladium price per tola in durban is zar 14,308. 20, todays palladium price per kilogram in durban is zar 1,226,750.

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Palladium price per tola in pakistan

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