Not your keys not your bitcoin

Not your keys not your bitcoin

Not your keys, not your bitcoin since the inception of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry, there have been approximately 47 exchanges hacked, with approximately.

  the well-known saying was popularized by andreas antonopoulos your keys, your bitcoin.

Not your keys, not your bitcoin those are the rules of bitcoin ownership. The most important aspect of bitcoin ownership is self custody. The departure from the fiat concept where the bank holds it for you can be confusing and overwhelming. But, taking responsability for your bitcoin custody is paramount.

  not your keys, not your bitcoin it means that the real control of the mnemonic (private key) is the real control of your own asset, so only using a decentralized wallet can reflect the spirit of blockchain decentralization.

  not your private keys, not your bitcoin beginners guide to private keys. If you are fairly new to cryptocurrencies you might still be struggling with exactly what a private key is and why its so important.

  proof of keys day is an annual event that trace mayer started on january 3rd 2019 on the 10th anniversary of bitcoin. It was started in an effort to remind everyone that if you dont control the keys to your bitcoin, its not really yours.

Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and highly sought after expert in bitcoin and open blockchain technologies.

It is empowering to be able to hold your bitcoin in your custody so that it cannot be seized or confiscated by banks or the hackers that target them. But choosing to hold your own keys does come with the responsibility for the security of your bitcoin.

Thodex, a crypto firm based in turkey, said its platform has been temporarily closed to address an abnormal fluctuation in the company accounts.

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Not your keys not your bitcoin

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