Need for speed payback chevrolet bel air best build

Need for speed payback chevrolet bel air best build

  you can find the performance stats of the 1955 chevrolet bel air below visually, this chevrolet bel air is built to take on the off-road with chunky oversized tires and big rekon b57b rims.

  by completing all the need for speed payback runner missions, youll be able to go on a quest for the chevrolet bel air 1955 derelict car.

  the chevy bel air is a good drag car and off-road car and a very good runner car, though a pretty bad race car. Im told its a good drift car as well but i havent tried it. It also makes a pretty good drag car although its pretty mediocre in every other class.

The next derelict unfortunately isnt referencing the fresh prince, but is still a lovely little number and youll get your first.

Chevy bel aire -driftingdrag is the way to go -offroad is good at max but not great on the build to 399 -runner is solid at higher numbers -racing is ok, but slow acceleration. Let me know if there is something im missing or overlooking, as i really want these cars to be good in all classes.

Need for speed is a series of racing games published by electronic arts and currently developed by ghost games.

Off-road mad max super build with race style livery by me, location trailers park.

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Need for speed payback chevrolet bel air best build

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Need for speed payback chevrolet bel air best build

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