Mt4 mobile slave master

Mt4 mobile slave master

Mt4, mt5, ctrader, fxcm trade station, lmax or various fix apis, whatever is the technology we can copy trades fromto these platforms.

  roman5 mt4 copier master ea needs to be installed - click here. If true - buy on master and then sell on slave if false - buy on master and then buy on slave timerinmillisecond 50 - re-scanning and looking for any new order or close order every 50 ms.

  what you need now is just your mt4 master account 1 where you will do your trading as you would normally do. This is the source of trading signals for all slave accounts on those vps servers. So you do not need to run mt4 slave accounts on mt4 mobile or your laptop, they are already running on the vps servers.

  tradecopy slave - runs on any chart of mt4 terminals we want to copy trades to. It reads the status file regurarly and react accordingly as soon as any change occurs. Mt4 terminal with the tradecopty master as well as all terminals with tradecopy slave need to run on the same computer (or at least need to share one filesystem).

  mt4 master account and mt4 slave account master and client accounts must be located on the same computer for most copiers, but there are also remote trade copiers like signal magician which can copy trades between mt4 accounts through the internet and accounts can be located on different computers anywhere in the world.

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Mt4 mobile slave master

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