Mt4 ffcal error file download incomplete

Mt4 ffcal error file download incomplete

  ffcal error web page download was not complete ! Moderator.

  its working - ive checked again here (also no more events shown) but the data file was added perfectly.

  hi all, i downloaded the latest rar file oct 25th 2018, installed the indicator and the alert gives me the ffcal error file download incomplete! Any ideas, or fix please.

  file does not exist if fileopen return -1 or if getlasterror errcannotopenfile (4103) if (xmlhandle 0) since file exists, close what we just opened fileclose (xmlhandle) delete our news file and redownload a new one to prevent a remainder from zero divide error if (! Savexmlfiles) filedelete (xmlfilename) return (0) string getxmlfilename.

  just a heads up that with all of the files in the zip and the indicator, i am getting an ffcal error file download incomplete! Error.

Whatever happened, the end of file search by our indicator resulted in not finding the character (s) marking the end of file.

Go to file menu in mt4 trading platform and click open data folder. Ex4 files into indicators folder and restart the metatrader 4.

803 flexnewsindicator eurjpy,h1 ffc failed to download ffc-ffcalweekthis-eurjpy-2997. I checked with process-monitor, that it does read the file (flexnewsindicator.).

The last error is , getlasterror ()) return (false) if (debuglevel 0) print (xml file open must be okay) read in the whole xml file ave file length 7k, so 65536 should always read whole file sdata filereadstring (xmlhandle, 65536) because mt4 build 202 complained about too many files open and mt4.

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Mt4 ffcal error file download incomplete

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