Lucky plaza shipping to philippines

Lucky plaza shipping to philippines

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Technology gps-enabled transporation system allow you to monitor shipment at every turn and, with advanced sensors, see temperature and ambient condition of its content. Experts while our experience is unrivalled and technology second to none, its our team of experts who provide consulative approach to your needs that make us a cut above the rest.

  for most, the name alone is inseparable from its association with the local filipino community to say the words lucky plaza is to mean little manila. Its a place most singaporeans would rarely think to visit, other than as another place to eat at when in orchard road (and even then, this is limited to either the ayam penyet restaurants or the famous yong tau foo joint on the sixth floor).

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  bodies of 2 filipino women who died during lucky plaza accident sent home to the philippines.

Order any goods from our store online and we deliver them to your door. Your favorite sari-sari store in lucky plaza is now serving online customers.

We offer a more affordable way to ship via air to the philippines. We understand the complexities and cost of customs duties and taxes and that is why we came up with our very special balikbayan box by air! It is a convenient and faster way to send personal items to families and loved ones in the philippines.

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Lucky plaza shipping to philippines

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