Ljm hedge fund

Ljm hedge fund

  ljm partners, a chicago-based hedge fund with about half a billion dollars in assets, pinpointed the damage on spiking volatility, a trade that has claimed more than one scalp in the last few.

Ljm partners, a chicago-based hedge fund, suffered losses on spiking volatility, a trade that has claimed more than one scalp in the last few trading days. Their mutual fund, known as the ljm preservation and growth fund, collapsed by 82 percent over the last week and was closed to new capital on wednesday.

  ljm partners is a hedge fund management company based in chicago, il and has approximately 153. Ljm partners specializes in commodities and was founded in 1998.

Ljm was marketed to investors seeking lower risk and moderate growth through a conservative strategy that would preserve capital and avoid the massive risks of aggressive hedge funds seeking greater returns.

  ljm had been one of a handful of fund companies that found success selling relatively complex and high-fee funds to investors hoping to cut risk and boost returns.

  thats because ljm wasnt just short the market they were also short two heavily interrelated themes a. The time it would take for the market to fall, essentially betting that if it did fall it would fall somewhat orderly, and b.

Investors of ljm preservation and growth fund, a 772 million alternative mutual fund, got an email on tuesday february 6, 2018 ljm strategies have suffered significant losses. The fund (ticker ljmax) didnt report the loss until late the following day, so shareholders were in the dark as to what happened.

  if a broker or financial adviser recommended you invest in the deceptively risky ljm preservation and growth fund (including shares classed a ljmax, c ljmcx, or i ljmix), and this unsuitable recommendation proved harmful to your investments or interests when the fund lost 80 of its value and liquidated in early 2018, please call the law offices of jonathan w.

5th and 6th 2018 were dark days for investors in ljm preservation and growth fund. The ljm preservation and growth fund (ljmix) plummeted over 80 (from a price of 10. It may be the biggest two-day drop for a mutual fund ever, says gretchen rupp, a morningstar analyst who is familiar with the fund.).

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Ljm hedge fund

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