Is overwatch cpu or gpu intensive

Is overwatch cpu or gpu intensive

If you have a graphics card from 2013 or newer youll get 60fps for sure, so i wouldnt really call it intensive, either. And they havent even fully optimized the game yet, theres nothing to say we wont come back to the beta later this month with an even better framerate.

Overwatch is mostly gpu intensive, but an i7 with mostly any card that can be considered better than a gtx 660 can probably run the game on epic.

Graphics settings arent super impactful (most pros actually turn everything down) and even a 1050ti can get 144. Cpu and ram speed are essential unless you want to be stuck at 60fps. 6 threads (so, r5, r7, i7, or current i5) and ddr4 2400 only.

Overwatch is designed to use as much of your resources as you can give it, so it will find your bottleneck, wherever that might be. I have more problems from my cpu than my gpu, id say cpu intensive. I can max out with a 750 ti with minor problems, but its my cpu that causes me to play lower than im capable of.

It can all be traced back to the fact that overwatch is an extensive game that requires a lot of rendering and graphics. It can make older computers come to a near standstill and be too much for newer computers that dont keep up.

  i was actually thinking about getting a gtx 1070 ti for running overwatch at 144 fps, but i wasnt sure if my current cpu would bottleneck the 1070 ti.

Is this game cpu or gpu intensive? I need help with fps boost. I use window 10 and my fps in game is 160-180 ( sometime dips to 140-150) in 1280x960 stretches.

If its cpu intensive, your processor cores will be 100 usage while your gpu will be less than 100 usage. As long as youre not over-volting your cpu and are keeping it adequately cooled, the lifespan should be about the same as if it was stock speeds.

  but, it all depends on whether the game recognises your gpu. Many people reported that the game couldnt find a gpu, so they had to run the game exclusively on cpu. For the graphics effects, the game defaulted on a very basic shader profile, so you can still see some eyecandy, but not as much as your gpu would allow you to.

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Is overwatch cpu or gpu intensive

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