Icici bank money2world

Icici bank money2world

Money2world send money online from any bank in india to any bank around the globe an easy and convenient online outward remittance service offered by icici bank to resident indians as well as non-residents for sending money online from india to overseas.

Icici bank money2world offers outward remittance service for transferring money from india to across the globe by simply using internet banking.

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This service is available to registered users 247 on all days. There is no need to visit a bank branch to fill and submit documents for every money transfer to abroad.

Website means the website presently maintained by icici bank at www. Com, and includes the pages of the website and any applets, software and content contained in and on the website. 2 in these terms and conditions, unless the context otherwise requires (a) words.

Icici bank displays foreign exchange rates on its website and they are updated on a daily basis (monday to friday excluding bank holidays). As an example, we have listed below the exchange rates listed on the icici bank website for the 16 currencies that you can remit overseas using icici money2world.

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Icici bank money2world

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