I am wildcat ps4 controller

I am wildcat ps4 controller

The i am wildcat edition features premium pearl and metallic paints and hydrographics to create a truly unique design.

Check out our tyler, i am wildcat, product line! Available online at www.

Rapid fire mods - am wildcat custom controller ps4 is a high-resolution transparent png image.

Experience true console gaming supremacy the way the pros do, with the razer wildcat for xbox one gaming controller. Made for tournament play and developed with feedback from the worlds best esports athletes, this ultimate gaming controller packs four additional multi-function buttons over the ordinary controller layout for.

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  here is the 2nd version of iamwildcat raging! This one is a bit updated.

  i was waiting for this when it was hinted awhile ago that razer is gonna make a controller for the ps4. Like you said, it doesnt really appeal that much though which is abit sad. Heres hoping it feels light im hoping for the same price as the wildcat.

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I am wildcat ps4 controller

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