How to use fibonacci resistance fan

How to use fibonacci resistance fan

  traders can use the lines of the fibonacci speed and resistance fan to predict key points of resistance or support, at which they might expect price trends to reverse. Once a trader identifies patterns within a chart, they can use those patterns to predict future price movements and future levels of support and resistance.

  traders can use the lines of the fibonacci fan to predict key points of resistance or support, at which they might expect price trends to reverse.

  using the fibonacci fans to determine the nature of a pullback - youtube.

  the most basic use of fibonacci fan (or just fibo fan) is to mark out lines of support and resistance within a trend channel. To set up the indicator you simply mark two points on a forming trend. Fan lines drawn by the indicator then show zones where support or resistance is likely to occur.

Fibonacci fans are used to identify potential support, resistance or reversal points. As with the fibonacci retracements tool, these reversal points assume that the move is corrective in nature. A pullback after an advance is deemed a correction that will find support well above the initial trough.

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How to use fibonacci resistance fan

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