How to setup mt4 on pc

How to setup mt4 on pc

Choose a path to your mt4 you can either chose the default folder for the applications files or choose a different one. The options on creating a desktop shortcut and launching the program after installation are also available.

Step 1 download metatrader 4 for windows by clicking the button below. Exe) and agree to the terms of the license agreement and click next.

  this guide is aimed at beginners who would like to know how to download and install metatrader 4 on windows.

The installation wizard will download the required files from metaquotes data network and install them onto your pc.

  metatrader 4 installation process after saving the installation package, you need to start the installation process. The process is started when you open the package by clicking on it. Please find the package and activate it by a mouse click or select it and press enter.

First things first, if you havent already, you will need to download the mt4 software. This can be done from the official metatrader website or via your broker of choice. Once the download is complete, youll then need to login to your trading account.

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How to setup mt4 on pc

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