How to house train an english bulldog puppy

How to house train an english bulldog puppy

  how to house train a english bulldog puppy the right way the easiest way to go about house training your new bulldog puppy is by utilizing a crate. Dogs are and always have been den and pack animals, they naturally and instinctively prefer the shelter of a den. A crate provides your puppy with a den like safe place to call his own.

Teach your english bulldog standard obedience commands such as sit, stay and down. Keep training sessions brief 5 to 10 minutes daily to keep your pets attention. Reward the pet dog with a reward and spoken appreciation for carrying out a preferred habits.

  when your dog pulls against the leash, stop walking and wait. Training an english bulldog takes time and consistency, but with the proper steps, it can be done. Dogs function best with structure, routine, and clear expectations.

  steps to take to potty train a bulldog create a regular schedule. You can start training your bulldog by creating a regular schedule. But you can try to spend 20-30 minutes every day to follow the potty training schedule that you create.

  so how to potty train an english bulldog? Begin by designating a potty spot in the yard. Take the english bulldog to the potty spot every 2-3 hours to normalize this area for when it needs to potty. Crate train the english bulldog so it learns to not relieve himself in his crate.

For a sit, simply hold the treat, let him sniff it and then move it from his nose back towards the head. As he follows the treat, his noise will point up and his rump should automatically touch the floor.

The main idea is to create a schedule or habit for your puppy to follow. A bulldog puppy can hold his bladder 1 hour for every month of life (tops!), so if you have a 3 month old puppy you should take him to potty every 2-3 hours and give him a treat after he is done. If you cant watch your puppy, you can crate-train him to avoid accidents.

Crate training is the best way to quickly teach your bulldog to eliminate outside. Crating a bulldog puppy teaches it to chew on the toys we give them and lets them know what we dont want them chewing on.

Place your dogs food and water dishes as well as some of his toys near the crate to help establish this part of the house as his area. Your dog should have a positive association with the crate -- he should see it as a place where he can go to rest rather than a tool of punishment.

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How to house train an english bulldog puppy

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