How to be good at h1z1 king of the kill

How to be good at h1z1 king of the kill

Easily some of the most professional h1z1 king of the kill gameplay out there guys! Subscribe for more king of the kill content, and also csgo funny moment g.

H1z1 king of the kill tips, hints and tips and gameplay tips linked below! H1z1 king of the kill tips - good loot & bad loot! (h1z1 kotk hints and tips) subs.

If the enemy is far away, trying aiming a little bit above their head, might help with accuracy. Try googling fps setting for h1z1 and therell be a reddit link that helped me. You wont get better hiding out, you need to find people and shoot them! Hope this helps.

  just sit tight for a few moments and let 100 or so players kill each other, then start thinking about the next step. Locate a vehicle anyone who wants to have a good chance of surviving in battle royale will need to find him or herself a vehicle, which tend to spawn with all of the necessary components already inside.

  h1z1 airdrops usually contain very good loot, such as sniper rifle fuel ghillie suit 20x explosive arrows ar-15 ak-47 tip 3 look out for crafting items. It allows you to make explosive arrows, better armor, and necessary healing items right in your game menu.

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How to be good at h1z1 king of the kill

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