How much does moe's catering cost

How much does moe's catering cost

All of moes bars are priced per person and come with free chips and salsa. There is also a 20 delivery charge that includes napkins, utensils, plates, etc. How to order moes catering? Moes catering can only be ordered by phone.

  in order to be eligible for delivery, the restaurant asks that you spend a minimum of 150, and the delivery fee is about 10 percent of the amount of the order.   this fee will cover the entire delivery, the setup, including the warming stands and heating elements, as well as the serving utensils.

  marinated grilled chicken, fajita steak, ground beef, pulled pork, or tofu, moes.

Moes catering has both pick-up and delivery options, which make it more convenient for their customers. Pick-up and delivery options are also available in placing orders online. Prices at moes are comparable to other restaurants offering a similar menu although slightly higher than some of their competitors such as chipotle and qdoba.

Moes catering thank you for being a part of the moes family! We are keeping health and safety a top priority. We implemented curbside pickup and now offer no contact for our catering deliveries.

Our bundle is flavor packed with moes famous queso, mouthwatering desserts and the drinks of your choice whether its our iced tea, moe-rita or one of the 100 options available on the coca-cola freestyle.

  we are debating if we should use moes catering for our wedding. Has anyone ever used them for their wedding other event? What was the price per person? I know it will vary depending on places, but we are trying to find a ballpark while we are talking right now.

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How much does moe's catering cost

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