Himalayan restaurant durango co

Himalayan restaurant durango co

Restaurant the himalayan kitchen brings the authentic flavors of the top-of-the-world region of tibet, nepal, and india.

  992 main ave, durango, co 81301-5122 1 website menu closed now see all hours covid-19 update this restaurant is only available for.

Himalayan spiced wine red wine enhanced with chef karmas secret recipe of herbs and spices. 00 himalayan mojito a refreshing drink made with vodka, ginger syrup, fresh lime juice, mint and ginger beer.

  this restaurant and historic downtown durango can be both really attractive for tourists. If you never happened to try indian and nepalese cuisines, get your chance at himalayan kitchen. You will enjoy its food, particularly nicely cooked grilled chicken, cauliflower salads and beef. Have a good time here and share tasty gulab jamun, ginger ice cream and walnut roll with your friends.

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Himalayan restaurant durango co

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Himalayan restaurant durango co

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