Gtx 1060 mhs

Gtx 1060 mhs

11 shipped up to 7 needed crucial 4gb single ddr4 2133mhz memory module 29.

Boosting gtx 1060 9gbps was helpful but still the results could not exceed 19 mhs. Mining zcash (zec) turned out to be more successful producing approximately 300 sols. We were using default options and ewbf zec miner for gtx 1060 9gbps.

Highree opened this issue jul 5, 2017 227 comments comments. Hi, is it just the real limit of the card? Whatever i do under windows 10 with and without updates i get max 20.

  gtx1060 overclocking just how far will the geforce gtx 1060 overclock? Nvidia claim itll do 2000mhz easily lets find out!gtx 1060 - review, gameplay, benc.

Comproductsledger-nano-s?r849ein this video im going to show you how to get 25 mhs with.

Gtx 1060 mhs? So im mining on i am getting 20mhs from each card is that good or can it go higher? 10 comments.

  i have a rig of gb running linux and all the gpus are from the same manufacturer, zotac.

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Gtx 1060 mhs

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