Etrade cash balance program vs sweep reddit

Etrade cash balance program vs sweep reddit

When you go to my profile acct pref uninvested cash option edit. I get flashed to this message please call customer service at (800) 387-2331 if you would like to discuss your options for uninvested cash. I called twice and all they can say is they are in the midst of setting up new sweep acct options.

Listed in the sweep list its mostly all negative amounts, it will list -19. 05 for example, but also included are 2 large positive amounts, which were withdraws that i took from the net cash balance. These are listed as extended insurance sweep deposit account.

Given interest rates are rising and the high valuation of the market - i wanted to better understand my options for a sweep account sweep alternative within etrade. The rates of the in house sweep accounts are exceptionally low - so i considered using a vanguard or similar money market - but hate to pay trading fees to put money into a low interest savings vehicle.

  on a balance of 10,000, after one year that would generate 60 at the low end to 216 at the high end. You also should include other accounts you hold in the same title and capacity at etrade bank and etrade savings bank in calculating fdic insurance coverage limits, because coverage limits are set per customer across all accounts.

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Etrade cash balance program vs sweep reddit

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