Emirates nbd charges

Emirates nbd charges

Emirates nbd business banking schedule of fees and charges.

Emirates nbd credit cards platinum membership fees annual fee sar 300 supplementary card (up to 5 cards) free other fees charges annual percentage rate (apr) 66. 20 interest rate (cash advance) cash advance fee sar 75 late payment fee sar 100 foreign currency transaction fee 2.

For latest terms and conditions and schedule of charges, please visit our website emiratesnbd.

Fees and charges regarding debits cards and bank accounts with emirates nbd are available on the banks website www. Com charges for any services not mentioned in this guide are available on request all charges, commissions and fees are exclusive of value added tax or any other similar sales tax (vat).

Emirates nbd debit card charges schedule of charges - business banking charges counter smartbusiness (online) salary payment (1) flat fee aed 200 - per file flat fee aed 100- per file salary payments - emirates nbd aed 2 - per record free salary payments - non - emirates nbd aed 5 - per record aed 2- per record trade - only swift charges.

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Emirates nbd charges

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