Educor contact details

Educor contact details

At educor we value hearing from you as building lasting relationships is our priority. Should you have any queries or compliments, do not hesitate to contact anyone of our departments on the numbers below.

Welcome to educor - the largest private education provider in southern africa. Our primary business is the delivery of high quality tertiary education through our offering of over 800 courses.

Various other alumni are now making a real difference in the careers of their choice.

Third party contact details name physical address postal code email contact information of family memberfriend who is not living with you tel code number primary cell code number 2 section 4 to be completed by the studentguarantor (please attach a copy of your marriage certificate).

Good communication skills especially verbal and written english.

Educor gallery 325 anton lembede (smith) street durban, 4001. Pietermaritzburg compen building, 257 church street pietermaritzburg, 3201. Qwaqwa shop 16, mandela park shopping centre 1029 mota road phuthaditjhaba, 9868.

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Educor contact details

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