Deutsche bank fx trading platform

Deutsche bank fx trading platform

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The fx4cash product suite is built upon a flexible, stable and resilient platform to meet the unique needs of our diverse clients. Fx4cash strongly integrates with deutsche banks existing client access channels, extensive reach to global payment and clearing systems, as well as leading fx trading infrastructure to provide you with a one stop.

  trade directly from real-time forex charts embedded in the trading platform. Multi-language trading platform (available in available in english, chinese, arabic, german, spanish, french, russian and japanese). Superior client services, with 24-hour multi-language support. Account funding starts at 5,000 or the equivalent in gbp, eur or jpy.

  deutsche banks next generation fx trading platform the first fx platform to provide a combined electronic and voice trade blotter showing all trades regardless of execution channel.

  deutsche bank today announced the launch of its next generation fx trading platform on autobahn. The new fx platform is expected to increase efficiencies and volumes, contributing to deutsche banks commitment to trade eur 1 trillion every week within the next two years. Deutsche bank is the worlds largest fx bank by market share and a leader in fx e-commerce solutions.

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Deutsche bank fx trading platform

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Deutsche bank fx trading platform

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