Dbs remittance rate today

Dbs remittance rate today

Youll even enjoy preferential rates when you send sgd50,000 or more.

Youll even enjoy preferential rates when you send sgd50,000 or more.

Use the dbs currency converter to obtain an indicative rate for your foreign currency needs.

With dbs treasures remit, you can now transfer money across 40 countries, including usa, uk, australia and singapore at zero fees. Whats more? Its quick & paperless with same day transfers up to us 25,000 per day & us 2,50,000 in a year (to transfer more please contact relationship manager) the key benefits of dbs treasures remit platform are.

  for broad reference, we found that dbs remits exchange rate margins tend to be lowest for usd, gbp, and cad transfers, which sit at around 0. On the other hand, we found that these margins tend to be highest for inr, php, and idr transfers, which are around 1.

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Dbs treasures charges zero service charges for inward and outward remittances. However, the corresponding banks or third-parties may charge per transaction. With dbs treasures, you get access to preferential rates on your remittances. If you wish to avail these rates, we recommend you open an nre or nro account with us.

  dbs offers convenient access to a wide range of currencies with its.

  s5 for remittance up to s5000 s10 for remittance up to s25,000 s35 for remittance.

In this case, since the amount of remittance is inr 14,80,000 (usd 20,000inr 74) and made toward pursuing education out of india out of loan qualified under the indian income tax act, tcs 0. Customer, the us embassy in india, has made remittance of usd 20,000 for official purpose to usa.

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Dbs remittance rate today

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