Contact peter jones dragons den

Contact peter jones dragons den

If you need to contact me simply fill in the form below and someone from my team will aim to get back to you. Due to the volume of enquiries i get its not possible to reply to everyone, but i do read all of the messages.

Would-be entrepreneurs pitch in the dragons den for investment in their businesses from five top business tycoons. Over the series, peter has invested more than the other dragons, picking a range of different sectors, from the quirky to the tasty.

Peter jones cbe is one of britains best-known entrepreneurs, owning a portfolio of businesses ranging from telecoms to publishing. A dragon since the very first series peters business career.

If you have a general enquiry for peter please use the contact us form. I confirm that i am happy to receive marketing communications from peter jones.

Peter jones cbe, 55, is a proud dad of five! The millionaire investor shares eldest children annabel and william with his ex-wife caroline, who he divorced in 2008, and younger.

  apply to enter the den if you want to take part in dragons den, download the application form (in chrome right click on the link and choose open link in new tab).

  one half of retails biggest power couple, tara capp has been in a relationship with dragons den regular peter jones for years.

  roots company reggae reggae sauces are now stocked in all major uk supermarkets, sky-rocketing his net worth to an estimated 30 million according to the sunday times rich list.

  during his time in the den, peter has invested a staggering total of 5,983,167. Some of his most memorable deals include love da popcorn, bare naked foods and rempods, reminiscence pods for.

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Contact peter jones dragons den

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