Broker to broker transfer form commsec

Broker to broker transfer form commsec

Please complete this form to transfer all or part of your existing holdings between another broker (with whom you are chess sponsored) and commonwealth securities limited (commsec).

Your commsec client id and password to download the form online. Log on to commsec, click on settings, then select transfer shares in the service request section. In the to drop down box, select the destination commsec account.

Please complete this form to transfer all or part of your existing holdings from another broker (with whom you are sponsored) to commonwealth securities limited (commsec), or if you wish to apply for chess sponsorship with commsec and request a new holder identification number (hin).

Log in to commsec, click on settings, then select transfer shares in the service request section 2. In the to dropdown box, select the destination commsec account.

Transfer from your commsec chess sponsored account transfer to an issuer sponsored holding 1. Transfer from another brokers chess sponsored account transfer to a commsec chess sponsored account 1.

All security holders requesting the share transfers sign this document with an ink pen. For joint or trust accounts, all holders of the account sign.

Account transfer form instructions complete all sections according to the instructions below. You must attach your most recent brokerage account statement to process this account transfer.

Current plan is to transfer the shares to their names at age of 18 and sellrebuy them when they are on low tax bracket. Transferred 15k to each of our super accounts to increase balance.

For existing clients who already hold an international trading account, simply complete the account transfer form along with any supporting documentation and send to our international trading desk via one of the below methods email commsecinternationaldeskcba.

  i contacted commsec, but i think the person there didnt understand my question and was talking about chess sponsorship etc (i already informed them i have chess sponsorship through commsec) and attached a broker to broker form to fill out which seems to be for transfer from a chess sponsor to commsec.

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Broker to broker transfer form commsec

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