Bkash personal account cash in limit

Bkash personal account cash in limit

  you can cash out an amount between bdt 2,500-bdt 10,000 in a single transaction for atm cash out service of brac bank limited. A bkash account holder can keep a maximum amount of tk 300,000 in hisher bkash account at any moment a maximum of tk. 1,000 can be recharged to a prepaid mobile number and a maximum of tk.

Let the agent know the amount you want to cash in (if the amount is 5,000 or higher, you have to mention your national id card number) 03. Write down your bkash account number and the cash in amount in the agent register 04.

Bkash is the fastest and safest medium of financial transaction, bkash makes your life simple with send money, add money, pay bill, mobile recharge, payment and many more services.

You can cash out from any bkash agent point or from brac bank and any q-cash atm.

  there are 2 types of limit one is for bank account where the fund is being debited and another is for bkash account where cash in limit will apply. For debiting the bank account, beftn transfer limit is applicable, which is currently tk.

  mobile banking new limit 2021 bkash, rocket! The transaction limit on mobile banking increased. A subscriber can cash in or deposit 30 thousand taka five times in his account. You can also cash in the maximum of tk 200,000- in 25 times a month. At the same time, 25 thousand taka can be withdrawn or cash out in a maximum of five times a day.

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Bkash personal account cash in limit

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