Bill gates bitcoin 2018

Bill gates bitcoin 2018

  gates isnt the only billionaire whos been gifted bitcoin. In february 2018, elon musk tweeted that someone gave him a fraction of a bitcoin years ago.

Microsoft co-founder bill gates said monday he would bet against bitcoin if he could.

In 2018 he said in an interview with cnbc that he would short it if he could. Short-selling, or shorting, refers to the practice of borrowing.

  bill gates warned bitcoin is fool theory investment dont expect it to go up. Bill gates once compared bitcoin to a greater fool theory investment, adding that you shouldnt.

  bill gates has now jumped on the same bandwagon, referring to them as crazier, speculative things. He said as an asset class, youre not producing anything and so you shouldnt expect it to go up. Its kind of a pure greater fool theory type of investmenti would short bitcoin if there was an easy way to do it.

  at the time the scam was carried out, the bitcoins were worth just under 5,000 now, their value tops 70,000. Gates had one final word of warning for readers of his interview.

  as of 1030am edt monday, all of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies were in the red.

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Bill gates bitcoin 2018

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