Best tires for land rover lr3

Best tires for land rover lr3

  heres our list of the best tires for the land rover lr3 that are designed to fit all of the following tire sizes 23570r17. Every tire listed will fit the lr3 base, se, hse and hse luxury models.

I think they are about the 2 best at tires on the market for the lr3 with an 18 rim if you are going to hit the trail and that you do not have to worry about rubbing with.

  i have a 2006 lr3 running on bf goodwrich radial long trail ta 265 60r18 tires. I have 26,000 miles on them and after my last service i was told that they still have good tread left.

Yokohama tires are designed to perform better, keep you safer, and take you further. The geolandar ht g056 is the perfect tire for every highway and byway.

  update this is an interesting test of three tires typical to land rovers tire options 18 rims. Goodyear mtr lt27565r18, load rating e (now available in usa! 6208) nitto terra grappler 28560r18 (31.).

The tire specification in the lr3 manual says to use (depending on the wheel size) 23570 r17 h with a load index of 111 25560 r18 h or v with a load index of 112.

  cooper has been supportive of the land rover brand as well, which is nice to see. Oh, and one last thing, theyre a little cheaper than the nittos as discount tires. Cant beat that! Oh, and heres proof that it will fit in the spare tire well. The friend with the lr3 above just liked it better on the rack.

A good example of tires that could work perfectly well for your land rover lr3 is the pirelli scorpion zero asimmetrico. Its an all-season, all-performance tire and has amazing features. This tire is good for all weather conditions including light snow.

  one of the most popular tire upgrade size is 2856018, which is 31. Posted in land rover, lr3 tips & help, mods, tires 20 comments.

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Best tires for land rover lr3

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Best tires for land rover lr3

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