50 candle body mt4

50 candle body mt4

Easy script to find candles which body is less than 50 of candle range.

Script to identify candlesticks with less than 50 body of total high low candlestick.

  i would normally trade on d1 for long position, so if there are alerts (for the price closes above the mid point) it would take a lot of memory upon launching the mt4.

Basing candlesticks metatrader indicator is an automatic indicator that detects and marks basing candles on the chart. A basing candle is a candle with body length less than 50 of its high-low range. The indicator highlights the basing candles using histogram lines (in mt4) or custom candles (in mt5) directly in the main chart of the platform.

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50 candle body mt4

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