Penn state football tailgate parking pass

penn state football tailgate parking pass

  single game parking passes are available for purchase in advance for each home game in lots 11 and 36 (subject to availability).

Demand for penn state parking passes is extremely strong again in 2021. Nittany lions fans take their tailgating seriously, which means there is a need for parking passes around beaver stadium. Psu fans are buying into the rv lot, or one of the parking lots immediately adjacent to the stadium - like lot 31 or lot 41.

  fans who are not football season ticket holders can purchase parking on a single game basis, subject to availability. Single game parking permits will be on sale later this summer, subject to.

The history of football at penn state dates back to when the team was founded in 1887, which makes them one of the oldest sports clubs on the planet and the type of team that has been building a major reputation with football fans all over the state.

Simply purchase penn state nittany lions football parking passes and avoid the hassle. Vivid seats is here to make sure you have a great experience with penn state nittany lions football parking options. To purchase penn state nittany lions football parking, just click on one of the penn state nittany lions football parking tour dates above. All sales are final and refunds will only be given in the event of a cancellation.

If you buy your parking pass before game day it only cost 25. You can buy your parking pass online but you need to do this a week before game day to allow time for shipping. If you know a student at penn state (and almost everyone that tailgates knows at least one) have them buy it for you at the bryce jordan center a day or two before the game. Just remember to get the parking pass before you leave for the tailgate.

  general parking information for penn state football games. Penn state encourages fans to purchase parking in advance in an effort to keep traffic flowing more efficiently on the day of the game.

As information has been released regarding penn states football season, it is clear that this year will be different due to the coronavirus pandemic. General spectators will not be allowed into the stadium, and parking lots will be closed to tailgaters. However, there are still ways that students can feel more involved throughout the season.

All permits remain the property of penn state and must be returned upon request. Violators will incur a fine, be referred to student conduct and have their parking privileges revoked. Visit the student parking regulations page for a complete list of student parking regulations.

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penn state football tailgate parking pass

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